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From disaster to joy

Today had the potential to be a rough day… it snowed here last night and most of the morning making the roads a bit slick and challenging to drive on. Today Ethan had a therapy session scheduled with his Behavioral Therapist and our schedule on Tuesdays is for me to pick him up from school […]

3am wake up calls…

Well at 3:00 AM this morning Ethan woke up. He hadn’t slept any more than usual yesterday so that’s a tip that something is wrong. One of the biggest challenges with Ethan is simply trying to determine if he is sick or not. With echolalia when you ask him questions he normally just repeats the […]

The bicycle challenge…

So what kid doesn’t want to ride bikes with their friends and family? They all do right? Well Ethan isn’t any different which is the proverbial double-edged sword…. When he was about 8 we purchased a bike for him with training wheels. He was super excited and when we got it home he had to […]

Little steps are giant milestones…

Recently Ethan has started doing music therapy. Yesterday when he was coming out of the studio, he saw my wife and I waiting for him and yelled “Mommy and daddy are here!” Normally this wouldn’t be something you’d take notice of from an 11 year old boy, but when that boy has autism, it was […]

“It’s just a word…”

“It’s just a word…” Because I’m on disability now I spend a lot of my time interacting with others in on-line forums. They give me what interaction I need, but allow me time to formulate what I want to say, then edit it, then review it, then censor it, then edit it again, then post […]